Bicycles & Recumbent Bikes
This exciting new invention is patented in US, Canada,
Germany, France, Italy, Britain, Australia, Belgium, Korea,
Japan, etc.
THIGH POWER is the only invention that allows riders of Human-Powered
vehicles do
BODY PEDALING. The primary purpose of this invention,
however, is to allow the riders to use their THIGH MUSCLES DIRECTLY TO
THIGH POWER is adaptable to all pedal-powered machines!
Please visit Video Page to see a short video of
Thigh-Powered Bikes in action.
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while for videos to load and play.
Advantages are many! Since the thigh muscles are used directly to pull the pedal up, the lower leg is
totally relaxed during 1/2 of the pedal rotation. This more efficient mode of pedaling translates into
a higher endurance for the rider. The higher efficiency of positive and direct use of the thigh
muscles allows you to GO LONGER, GO FASTER, GO BETTER and GO FURTHER. You can
even use your arms to help you pedal your bicycle or recumbent.

There is no question about the superior efficiency of direct thigh muscle pedaling.

From the safety point, unlike Clipless Pedals the rider is not attached to the bike and the leg of rider
is free to move in any direction. Therefore, there is no knee or other injuries associated with the use
of the THIGH POWER. Further, in an emergency with zero reaction time, a Clipless Pedal user hits
the ground with his/her shoulders and head. In a similar situation, a THIGH POWER user reaches
the ground with his/her foot even if all safety features fail.


THIGH POWERED Bicycles/Recumbents are SAFER to RIDE!

THIGH POWERED Bicycles/Recumbents do Not Cause Any INJURY!

THIGH POWER has to be adapted to your Pedal-Powered Vehicle! This
adaptation varies from vehicle to vehicle. For example, to adapt the THIGH
POWER to a regular bicycle, not only the pedals and the brake line have to be
modified but also a release mechanism has to be mounted on the seat post. For a
majority of recumbent bikes, there is no need for a release mechanism or a need
for brake line modifications. Therefore adapting the THIGH POWER to
recumbent is much cheaper than adapting the invention to a regular bicycle. The
price depends on how much we have to modify your particular vehicle. This is a
custom design work not a mass-produced manufacturing. Please send us an e-mail
with specifics of your bike and we will contact you with our best estimate.