Just Pull Me!
BiaBo is not just another shoe, it is a milestone in footwear industry
and a new invention!
BiaBo! A unique shoe that gives you choices!
U.S. Patent # 6473944,
Other patents pending
(patent pending
BiaBo's unique features:
* Super Comfortable
* Infinitely Adjustable
*Setup once and then pull to tighten/loosen
* BiaBo/Old-Fashion Options
* One Hand Operable   
*Never Unties!
*Express Yourself Options  
*Light Weight
*Uses Regular Shoelaces (not elastic)
*Perfect for Everyone
*Perfect for all Sports
*100% Guaranteed
We predict that all footwear will eventually become BiaBo!
Think about it: To make a footwear a BiaBo footwear all is required is to add a couple
of extra eyelets to the footwear. Adding eyelets do not alter the look of the footwear
and basically costs nothing extra. However, the added eyelets introduce capabilities
never thought possible before.
About 4000 years ago humans invented footwear. Since then many have tried but at best,  
inventions were (are) plastic gadgets that squeeze the shoelace. Additionally, none of other
inventions work with regular shoelaces. They require elastic or special type shoelace.
We took a radically different approach and  finally invented an elegant way to enhance the
performance of footwear in multitude of dimensions.  Our award winning solution is to add a
couple of eyelets to the structure of the footwear (That is all)!
BiaBo is also the only invention of its type that works with regular shoelaces
BiaBo (B Yaw Bo)
Cushioned insole
BiaBo is so unique that it was recognized by the History
Channel as one of the 100 top inventions
(see the Awards page please).
BiaBo is going through new inventive steps. The new generation
of BiaBo shoes will be available soon. Please check again.