Vazeen and Vazeen LLC was established initially, under the
name of Computational Arts with the objective of sharing
Vazeen's art forms with others. However, in addition to that
initial objective, we are now into manufacturing and
marketing unique products (i.e. Inventions). Particularly,
modified bicycles, recumbent bikes, Thigh Shaper exercisers
and Zappy products (Shoe Zappy, BiaBo Shoes, Knot Zappy,

The director of the company is Dr. Jon Vazeenn, a former
engineering/computer science professor. Vazeenn believes
that there is a lot of parallels between an artist and an
inventor. "They both thrive on a desire to create!" says

This site is going through changes constantly. At this point,
except for ZAPPY products, the rest of our products
(including the art) are custom made. Therefore, for most of
our products we do not have an inventory or a set price. We
produce them as orders come in!